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Valinor Earth

Farming with Satellites

We use machine learning with satellite data to monitor farms, track crop growth, and water stress. All done remotely.

Farms in remote rural areas need regular monitoring and upkeep.

Our beautifully designed Dashboard makes it easy to monitor crop growth and water stress across your farms. You can relax and focus on your business in urban economic markets. We have support for mobile phones, handheld tablets, and desktop computers.

Intelligent Data

We pick the most useful data from spatial and high-resolution satellite data sources. You get the most relevant information for your farm.

Real Time

We know what is happening on your farm. You get the right type of alerts and actionable notifications at the right time.

Secure & Verifiable

We leverage secure cloud storage for your data. Data exchange and credentials are verifiable via a public but encrypted Blockchain network.


250,000+ Acres


25,000 Large & Small

Smart Farming. Climate-Smart Technologies.

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