Valinor Earth

We automate climate action for you. So, you stay focus on your business.

We put AI (artificial intelligence) into a software suite to monitor, report, and verify high-quality carbon removal projects, making it easy for businesses to invest early and create meaningful impact.

Valinor Earth's Carbon Analytics Dashboard

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Get on the right side of history.

Our beautifully designed dashboard makes it easy to track the activities and progress of decarbonization initiatives, projects, and their effectiveness to help curb climate change. We have support for mobile phones, handheld tablets, and desktop computers.

Intelligent Data

We pick the most valuable data from spatial and high-resolution satellite data sources. You get the most relevant information.

Secure & Verifiable

We leverage secure cloud storage for your data. You get the correct type of alerts and actionable notifications at the right time.

Real Time

We provide real-time and near-real-time data with regular updates on the progress of sustainable global activities and projects.

AI-Powered Fraud Prevention

Satellite and Aerial Data

Our proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms enhances satellite and aerial imagery, making it easy to monitor, report, and prevent fraud in climate projects.

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We are a team of technology product veterans specializing in geospatial data, precision agriculture, and data visualization.

We have built award-winning digital tools for physicians and teachers, helping companies and individuals benefit and lead happy lives.

We are now on a mission to help individuals and companies do their part to fight climate change.

  • Brajeshwar Oinam

    Brajeshwar Oinam

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Website LinkedIn Twitter

    Brajeshwar is on an adventure learning to build beautiful and meaningful products to improve the world for his daughters.

    He started his entrepreneurial journey when his first company was acquired by a Silicon Valley company, Mixercast, in 2006. His next venture, oCricket, was acquired by Infinitely Beta (branded later as Helpshift), in 2009.

    In 2010, he started Levoma, which exited to a Singapore Investment firm, Kamelot Kapital Pte Ltd, in 2013.

  • Amir Abou

    Amir Abou

    Co-Founder, CTO

    Amir specializes in Geospatial data. His scientific journey started when one of the most prestigious conferences in Geomatics accepted his paper on enhancing image processing computations. In his Masters, he worked with remote sensing data, 3D visualization of GIS data on top of satellite imagery.

    While working with precision and data-driven agriculture at Resson, he created novel technologies for Fortune 500 clients.

    He would love to shape the technologies that impacts and better the lives of people.