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Valinor Earth

Curb Climate Change

We put AI (artificial intelligence) into a software suite to track, analyze, and report ESG* and CSR activities. We help companies bid on the most economical carbon credit to offset and help get to carbon net-zero.

* Environmental, Social, and Governance
† Corporate Social Responsibility

We need to get to Carbon Net-Zero by 2050.

Our beautifully designed Dashboard makes it easy to track the activities and progress of a companies’ initiatives and effectiveness to help curb climate change. We have support for mobile phones, handheld tablets, and desktop computers.

Intelligent Data

We pick the most valuable data from spatial and high-resolution satellite data sources. You get the most relevant information.

Real Time

We provide real-time and near-real-time data on the carbon market and regular updates on the progress of sustainable global activities and projects.

Secure & Verifiable

We leverage secure cloud storage for your data. You get the correct type of alerts and actionable notifications at the right time.

“Some pretty incredible data analysis demonstration. It will be handy to many people working with data in Climate Impact activities.”

— Amjad Ansari, Product Design Lead at Shell.

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